Fortifying Masses By Health Initiatives


Individual health is the foundation of a productive life, a vibrant community and a healthy nation. Driven by the core belief in ‘Health For All’, BIPF’s health division undertakes projects which focus on providing quality primary health care to communities in underserved and unserved areas. BIPF’s program interventions range across providing healthcare infrastructure by way of clinics/ healthcare centers; frequent inoculation drives; behavioral change campaigns; and strengthening the medical center through medical equipment support. Awareness building through regular health-centric communication, embedded in the community context, is a key part of all program interventions.

Project Arogyadhara

Providing high-quality healthcare facilities to the rural population


BIPF provides healthcare support through well-equipped medical clinics/dispensaries at Therubali, Nuasahi, Sukinda, and Choudwar. The dispensaries are adequately staffed with experienced doctors, nurses, and paramedics. In addition, BIPF provides free medical consultation and medicines to the villagers. There are also laboratory facilities made available for pathological diagnosis.

BIPF-LVPEI Vision Center

BIPF-LVPEI Vision Centre was established at Therubali in 2017 with the aim to provide specialized eye treatment. This was the result of MoU signed with Hyderabad Eye Institute, a trust of L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

Health camps

BIPF organizes free quarterly health camps in collaboration with the district health administration. These camps are aimed at those who lack access to the basic healthcare and cannot afford specialized medical treatments. Specialists in medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, and orthopedics provide diagnosis, treatment, and referrals to the patients. These camps also sensitize villagers about health and sanitation. BIPF is running awareness programs on preventive measures against diseases like malaria, dengue, and diarrhea in schools and communities through meetings, public announcements on mobile vans, and pamphlet distribution.

Maternal and child health Training

BIPF is working relentlessly to ensure safe and healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labour, and delivery as well as post-delivery healthcare. Currently, regular antenatal and postnatal checkups are provided to the mothers and newborn babies at Sukinda and Therubali dispensaries. In 2012-13, the foundation partnered with ‘Pathfinder International’, a global leader in reproductive health to conduct training programmes for ASHAs and auxiliary nurse midwives at Angul and Keonjhar districts to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity. Ila Panda Gynecology ward at Angul’s district hospital works toward bridging the gap of inadequate infrastructure for maternal and child health.

BIPF organizes immunization drives in association with the Health Department, Government of Odisha. Awareness programs are also organized to sensitize and mobilize the community for the vaccination of young children to reduce under-five mortality and morbidity rates. BIPF runs camps in association with Anganwadi workers and ASHAs for sensitizing adolescent girls on health and hygiene practices.

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